Therapy for the Workplace

by Natasha French
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Are you and your colleagues finding it difficult to adjust to work changes? Are you worried about stress and anxiety levels in your organisation?

You are not alone...

The Centre for Mental Health predicts that around 500,000 more people in the UK will need support in response to the mental health challenges that have manifested in workers, challenges such as grief, trauma, PTSD and more general anxiety.

As well as sickness absence, poor mental health can lead to increased staff turnover, reduced engagement and high presenteeism.

We can help you and your employees’ to thrive

Harley Therapy is a multi-award winning group that has been helping individuals & companies to manage the wellbeing of their employees for nearly 15 years.

Through a range of modern workplace programmes, we can provide compassionate, confidential, evidence-based support to improve the day-to-day emotional health of your employees’ and address issues before they spiral out of control.

Our workplace therapy includes:-

We are proud to offer solutions that are affordable, accessible and tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Whether you are refreshing your mental health policy or looking to offer wellbeing support and learning to your remote team, we can create a bespoke programme that works for you.

If you would like to discuss the options we have available in more detail, please contact us via the live chat or by emailing [email protected] where the team will respond as soon as possible. We can then help you to find the most suitable option to provide therapy sessions and mental health support for your employees.

I've had the privilege of working with many clients over the years and seen first hand how care and warmth can impact peoples lives. In these turbulent times, taking a proactive interest in your colleague's wellbeing will set your company apart from the rest - Dr Sheri Jacobson

Why Harley Therapy?

Our hand-selected practitioners are considered to be the best therapists in the country and have trained in the UK’s most respected counselling institutions with years of experience in the NHS, private and charitable sectors in the UK and overseas.

Trusted by corporations like Standard Chartered, ITV, Mayor of London, AIG and Santander, we are the UK’s trusted source for online therapy and counselling.

This is what our clients say ….

"Professional and efficient and made sure the whole process ran smoothly. I'd definitely recommend using them"- Katherine Beard, Wellbeing Manager ITV

"The wellbeing MOT has been such an amazing and unique addition to our wellness offering here at Wiser. If you want a no-fuss, direct approach to supporting people's mental health at work, then look no further" - Harri Walsh, Wiser

"Pivotal in inspiring our well-being strategy, introducing us to exciting initiatives" - Megan Kille, People Business Partner, Farfetch

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