Emotional Freedom Technique

by Harley Therapy
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

This page is about Emotional Freedom Technique. For more details on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), please click here.

Struggling with difficult feelings or trauma held within the body? Emotional Freedom Technique - or tapping - could help.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) employ counselling skills and physical movement to deal with the mind and the emotions that are stored in the body. EFT involves tapping with your fingertips on acupuncture points on the hands, face and body while talking to a qualified therapist about issues you wish to resolve. You will be taught this process of 'tapping' for yourself so that you can use this as a self-help tool for more peace and relief from stress.

The Harley Therapy approach

It's important to book with an organisation you can trust. We make sure all of our EFT therapists reach strict quality standards:

  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Only qualified, insured therapists allowed
  • No subscription fees and a secure online payment system
  • UK-based team for advice and support

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't feel satisfied with your first session, we'll offer you a session with an alternative therapist free of charge.

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