How to Find an Online Therapist

by Harley Therapy
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Adjusting to recent changes in the world and to your routine? Struggling with issues like depression and anxiety? Need help working out the best next steps to take in your life? Online therapy can help you to cope better with life's challenges and hard times from the comfort of your own home.

You do not have to reach crisis point before starting therapy, it is best to reach out for support before things get too much.

Sessions are available from 7am to 10pm online by video and by phone with qualified therapists through, every day. Same-day appointments are available now.

Therapy is a safe, non-judgmental space to help you to find relief. You can hear how therapy has transformed other's lives here.

Why choose

Set up by London's renowned Harley Therapy clinic, offers unmatched service and transparency:

  • All therapists are professional, UK-registered and insured to practice
  • No ongoing subscription fees
  • Read verified reviews (over 9 out of 10 of our therapist reviews are 5*!)
  • Choose the therapist you want to work with
  • See live availability
  • Book securely online
  • Online support, seven days a week
  • Not satisfied? Get another session with an alternative therapist, free of charge

What if I choose the wrong therapist or type of therapy?

It’s better to try therapy and find you haven’t got the match quite right, then not try at all. And don't forget the Harley Therapy platform guarantee:

If you don't feel satisfied with your first session for any reason, we'll offer you a session with an alternative therapist at our expense.

Will online therapy work for me?

Research shows that online therapy can be as effective in treating psychological issues as in-person therapy. Read the pros and cons of online counselling here.

How to find a therapist online or by phone

Finding the best therapist for you doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Use our search page to sort therapists by the issues they specialise in working with, their location, price, average rating and next available appointment times.

To refine your search, answer these questions:

  • How will you talk to your therapist? Choose to meet in person, online or over the phone
  • Where can you travel to? Enter your address to find the nearest therapist
  • When do you want your appointment? Choose the dates you are available or the time of day that suits you best
  • What type of therapy would you like? (eg. CBT, Psychodynamic, etc. Leave this blank if you are open to many approaches)
  • What gender would you like your therapist to be?
  • Who is the session for? Choose therapy for yourself or a couple, child or family therapy expert
  • What price range are you willing to pay? Select the price range for you

Need more help?

There are other options, such as if you want to do long or short-term therapy, and what sort of relationship you would like to have with your therapist. Read our connected article, “How Do I Know What Type of Therapy I Need?

For personalised recommendations, leave your details to get a confidential email or call back from our team:

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