How Do I Choose a Therapist?

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by Harley Therapy   |   Finding a therapist
Our site makes it very easy for you to choose a therapist.
You simply select the main issue you would like help with (there is an “I don’t know” option if you aren’t sure).
You are then taken to a page where you can further refine your search with these options:
  • your address
  • what format of therapy you want (in person, Skype, or phone)
  • what gender you'd like your therapist to be
  • the therapist's approach
  • the price range you are willing to pay.
Let’s look at what you need to think about when it comes to these options.
Your address: If you really want to work with a therapist but don’t live close, or are actually in another country, see if they offer Skype or phone therapy. Research shows that Skype therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy, and for some conditions it has proven even more effective.
Format of therapy: Your therapy is your experience, so it’s important you are clear on what you want. If you prefer phone or Skype therapy, say so. Also note that many therapists can offer a mixed format on request, for example, some sessions in person, some via Skype.
Gender of therapist: Many tend to immediately choose a therapist who shares their gender. But sometimes, if you have issues with the opposite gender, working with a therapist who is that opposite gender can help you work through them. It also gives you a chance to finally form a trusting, reliable relationship with someone of the opposite gender. Something to think about.
Their approach: Instead of confusing you with a long list of therapy types, our platform divides therapies by what the approach offers. For example, ‘explore the roots of my concerns’ would lead to therapists practicing under the psychdynamic umbrella, wth therapies that believe the answers to the present lie in looking at your past. We suggest you read our article on "The Main Therapeutic Approaches" if you'd like to learn what they are and how they differ.
Their fees: Instead of just going for the cheapest therapist, see therapy as an investment with lifelong dividends. Consider the therapist that offers the right approach and experience for your issues, and seems to have a personality you’d click with. Read our article on "The Cost of Therapy" to gain some good ideas on how you can afford your ideal therapist.
Is it terrible to judge based on pictures? It's common. You are likely picking up clues about the therapist's personality from the way they dress, smile, and hold themselves. Therapy is after all a relationship, and we tend to work best with people we feel comfortable with. Read the therapist's blurb as well, where you will get a sense of his or her experience, their take on working with clients, and what they are passionate about.
What other things do you need to think about? There are other options, such as if you want to do long or short-term therapy, and what sort of relationship you would like to have with your therapist. Read our connected article, “How Do I Know What Type of Therapy I Need?
What if you pick the wrong therapist or type of therapy? It’s better to try therapy and find you haven’t got it quite right then not try at all. Be honest with your therapist that you don’t think it is a match, and he or she might be able to refer you to someone whom they think would be more able to help you. If you feel nervous about this, read our piece, "What If I Don't Like My Therapist?".
Harley Therapy platform is committed to helping therapy work for you. If you find after your first session the therapist just isn’t right for you, we do our best to arrange one more meeting with another therapist at our expense. So why not book now?
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