Bored of Everything?

by Andrea Blundell
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Is the world getting you down this year? Too many lockdowns leaving you feeling tired, and uninterested in things you used to care about?

What can you do when you are bored of everything?

Why am I bored of everything?

It’s actually normal to feel apathy when life is really hard and we are suffering stress. Our brains numb out in order to cope. We no longer feel excited, or upset, we just feel tired. Things like focus or thinking far ahead become difficult.

What should I do if I feel bored of everything?

It matters that you don’t just let the boredom roll on and on, or it can risk becoming depression (more on that below).

1. Cut yourself some slack.

Again, it's tough times. It’s okay to be less productive, or less interested in socialising. If there are goals you feel bad you aren’t reaching, consider doubling your ‘time container’ to lower your stress. If you thought you’d reach them in three months, add another three.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others.

It might seem that others are doing better than you right now. But some people are better at hiding things than others. And we all have our good and bad times.

Particularly don't compare yourself to others using social media where all we see is the 'highlight reels' of those we know over their full picture. A study directly connected Facebook login rates to depression, and the depression directly to self comparison.

3. Find the version of self care that works for you.

Taking a bath and listening to music just doesn’t cut it for some of us. Find wellbeing activities that give you a lift of energy. Not what works for others, but for you, whether that is playing air guitar around the living room or going for a run.

4. Harness group energy.

It’s a time when social connections are more valuable than ever before. And one way this is true is that doing things with others can generate excitement and motion we can’t find alone right now. Group energy is bigger than individual energy.

  • If there is something you meant to do, who might you do it with?
  • How can you share the project?
  • Or can you do a challenge with colleagues or friends to get you all going on individual projects together?
A study out of Stanford university showed that just the idea we are collaborating, even if we end up doing a lot of work ourselves? Leads to greater motivation.

5. Find new interests and goals.

It can be hard to admit, but an entire year of Covid-19 can affect our priorities. Possibly permanently.

It might be time to reassess. Your boredom might simply be because this year has meant you have grown up a little, or just changed, and you need to make your life fit the new you.
  • If you could let yourself choose a new hobby, any at all, what would it be?
  • Are there things you’ve been secretly wanting to do you haven’t let yourself?
  • Or other things you know it’s time to just stop, even if your friends and family don’t understand? To create space for new ideas?

When does boredom become depression?

It’s important to know when boredom has become something more.

Then stress has rolled into depression. And it’s important to seek some proper support. Is there a good friend you can talk to, or a family member? Can you reach out to others on forums? Or, better yet, can you seek some counselling?

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