Gestalt Therapy

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Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Through the gestalt therapy process, you can increase awareness around how your negative thoughts and behaviours are blocking the path to self-awareness and happiness. The approach focuses on your present life, focusing strongly on self-awareness and the ‘here and now’ and self-awareness is key to personal growth and developing full potential.


  1. What is Gestalt Therapy?
  2. How can Gestalt Therapy help?
  3. What can you expect from Gestalt Therapy?
  4. What should you look for in a Gestalt Therapist?
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What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt Therapy is a humanistic therapy approach. It was founded on the principle that humans are best viewed as a whole entity. The approach places emphasis on you, as the client, viewing mind, body, and soul through your own eyes in the here and now, rather than looking back on events.

The word 'Gestalt' is taken from German, literally translating as 'form' or 'shape.' Under the principles of Gestalt psychology, the word means 'whole.'

Gestalt Therapy encourages the building of self-awareness to help you better understand yourself and how your choices may affect your personal health and relationships. Deeper self-knowledge can allow you to begin to understand the connection between your physical and emotional selves and subsequently develop self-confidence.

How can Gestalt Therapy help?

Gestalt Therapy aims to alleviate unresolved anxieties, resentment, pain, anger, relationship issues and other negative emotions. These emotions are not only discussed throughout the therapeutic process but are further actively expressed in the present time to avoid both physical and psychological symptoms from arising.

Gestalt therapists may also help individuals living with psychical conditions including back pain, migraine headaches, and bowel problems like ulcerative colitis.

Gestalt Therapy techniques can be combined with art, drama, dance, body work, and other therapies as part of a wider treatment plan.

What can you expect from Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapists focus on what may be occurring in the moment and finding solutions to issues within the present time. For example, a Gestalt therapist would choose to encourage clients to re-enact a moment from their past and share how it makes them feel in the present moment, rather than simply discuss the moment pulled from memory. In short, emphasis is placed on experiencing feelings.

A Gestalt therapist may ask questions such as, "What is occuring during this moment?" or "How does this moment make you feel right now?"

What should you look for in a Gestalt Therapist?

It is important to search for an experienced, licensed psychotherapist. Particular emphasis is placed on a healthy therapist-client relationship under Gestalt Therapy. Once you have found a therapist with the experience and credentials you are looking for, it is worthwhile to take time to sit down with your chosen therapist and discuss a potential treatment plan. This will ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the process of Gestalt Therapy.

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