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Award-winning psychotherapist and Harley Therapy founder Dr Sheri Jacobson has sat on both sides of the therapist's chair. In the TherapyLab podcast, she explores people's personal insights into therapy, mental health and wellbeing. To keep up to date with episodes:

"This podcast is about amazing individuals and some of the challenges life has thrown their way. I want to explore how people have used therapy to overcome some of the obstacles we all face in life. I was humbled to hear such a diverse array of stories spoken about so bravely, openly and honestly. I hope that in sharing some of these stories our listeners will be inspired, too".

#46 - Susie Pearl - Surviving brain cancer and unlocking creativity

#45 - Annabel Wilson - Mindfulness for wellbeing

#44 - Fanny Anderson - Sadness isn't embarrassing!

#43 - Martin Bisp - Meet the boxing therapist

#42 - Paul C Brunson - How to find love

#41 - Silva Neves - Sexual Issues

Psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist Silva Neves explains how therapy can help with common sexual difficulties, compulsivity and infidelity, as well as new research into the contentious notion of sex addiction.

#40 - John Sutherland - Depression

Former Police Commissioner John Sutherland shares his inspirational story of hope, charting the effects of trauma and the road to recovery from breakdown.

#39 - Sophie Tanner - Self-love

Author Sophie Tanner talks to Sheri about her journey to self-love, including marrying herself, the importance of rituals and navigating internet trolls.

#38 - Andrew Clarke - Depression

Renowned chef Andrew Clarke reflects on why one in two people in the hospitality industry suffer with mental health issues and how his own journey through difficult times and therapy led him to pave the way for change.

#37 - Jonny Toomey - Anxiety

Jonny Toomey, co-founder of streetwear brand JK Attire, joins us this week and tells all about his road to success through anxiety, depression, agoraphobia and tough times - and how a clear vision, loyalty and friendship helped him through.

#36 - Silja Litvin - Mental Health in the Digital Age

Clinical Psychologist Silja Litvin joins Sheri to explore the importance of therapy in the digital world, how emotional intelligence can help us to live happier, more connected lives and how therapy has helped her personal journey. Silja is the creator of the emotional fitness app eQuoo.

#35 - Rosa Hoskins - Bipolar Disorder

Writer and Actor Rosa Hoskins offers her insights into mental health this week, exploring her experiences of bipolar disorder and eating disorders, grief and loss, and the impact of therapy on her personal journey.

#34 - Cat Sims - Post-Natal Depression and Relationships

Cat Sims offers her insights into postnatal depression, relationships, the benefits of couples therapy and what 'cheating' in therapy looked like for her! Cat is a mental health campaigner and writer (@notsosmugnow).

#33 - Sha Hussain - The Importance of Community

Sha Hussain explores the importance that sharing with others, cultivating a sense of belonging, and making time for exercise have had on his mental health. Sha is founder of The Wellness Movement, where he offers wellbeing support in the workplace, and the Be More You initiative, which supports the mental health of running communities.

#32 - Adeel Amini - Borderline Personality Disorder

TV producer Adeel Amini joins Sheri to talk about his experience managing borderline personality disorder (BPD) and working in the TV industry, and how therapy helped him.

#31 - Sam Wren - Supporting Mental Health

Sam Wren, the owner of clothing brand BBrave, joins Sheri to talk about his experience with mental health, the story behind creating a brand that supports mental health, and how therapy helped him.

#30 - Sophie Medlin - Diet

Consultant Dietician Sophie Medlin demystifies the difference between dieticians and nutritionists, what to consider when looking after your diet, how to avoid unethical testing, starting a career in dietetics, and her own journey towards self-development. Sophie discusses her experiences of domestic abuse and how therapy has helped her to process her experiences and move forward.

#29 - George Taktak - Depression

George Taktak tells us what he has learnt through his own experiences with depression and how his journey led him to create the app Feeliom to care for your wellbeing by staying in touch with yourself and your loved ones.

#28 - Kate Moyle - Sex & Relationships

Psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyles tells us what psychosexual therapy involves, why changing things in the bedroom doesn’t have to be about ‘spicing things up’, and why understanding the psychological side of sexual difficulties is important.

#27 - Danni Menzies - Agoraphobia

TV presenter Danni Menzies joins TherapyLab to talk about her experience in NLP therapy, overcoming agoraphobia and panic attacks and her self-care routine.

#26 - Noel McDermott - Addiction

Noel McDermott joins TherapyLab to talk about his experiences treating addiction with talking therapy and his own journey towards wellness.

#25 - Penny Belle - CPTSD and Adult ADHD

Penny Belle joins Sheri to talk about her experiences of being diagnosed with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as an adult and the tools for healing she has found helpful.

#24 - Niraj Shah - Meditation for Mental Health

Niraj Shah, co-founder of Mind Unlocked and stroke survivor, joins Sheri to talk about the impact meditation and yoga have had on his mental wellbeing and understanding the science and research behind these practices.

#23 - Emma Mainoo - Depression

Emma Mainoo of Surviving Sundays joins Sheri to talk about everything from the ups and downs of trying therapy, eating disorders, codependency, depression and recovery.

#22 - Melanie Mohlkert aka CRONICLE - ADHD

Melanie Molhart, AKA CRONICLE joins Sheri to talk about her ADHD diagnosis and experience living with less typical symptoms of ADHD.

#21 - Harriet Minter - Self Compassion

Journalist and coach Harriet Minter joins Sheri to talk about burn out, self compassion and the tools she continues to use learnt from CBT therapy.

#20 - Stuart Semple - Art as Therapy

Artist Stuart Semple talks about the transformative and therapeutic nature of art and the importance of expressing yourself.

#19 - Juliette Burton - Eating Disorders

Award-winning Comedian and Actor Juliette Burton talks about her diagnoses of eating disorders, OCD and depression, her experience of being sectioned - and her campaign for changing the process, and the power of finding a good therapist.

#18 - Mike Douglas - Depression

Mental Health blogger, campaigner and presenter of the podcast MOJO, Mike Douglas talks about his experience of depression, group therapy, being mindful and the power of communication.

#17 - Adam Pearson - Finding Your Calling

Actor, journalist and presenter Adam Pearson talks about his lived experience of social exclusion, therapy and finding his calling in activism and campaigning for equality, including his latest BBC documentary on Eugenics.

#16 - Donna Lancaster - Grief, Loss and Trauma

Donna Lancaster shares her own experiences of breakdown and therapy and the impact that grief, loss, childhood wounding and trauma can have on your mind and body, learnt from over thirty years’ of working in the field and her own journey towards healing. Donna is a Life and Relationship Coach and Co-Founder of the renowned Bridge Retreat.

#15 - Jo Love - Postnatal Depression

Mental Health Advocate Jo Love shares the difficulties she faced suffering with postnatal depression and discusses the benefits of eMDR therapy, as well as her experiences of talking therapy, both good and bad.

#14 - Serena Gordon - The Hoffman Process

Serena Gordon, co-founder of the UK Hoffman Institute, shares her experiences and learnings having undertaken therapy herself and worked with hundreds of participants on the Hoffman programme.

#13 - June Sarpong - Diversity

Author and TV presenter June Sarpong MBE shares her experiences of therapy and her research into the links between inequality and mental health.

#12 - Frances Trussell - Mindfulness

Mindfulness teacher and author Frances Trussell shares her experiences using mindfulness techniques to overcome depression and anxiety, as well as other commonplace issues.

#11 - George David Hodgson - OCD

Founder of the fashion label Maison de Choup, George David Hodgson, talks about his experiences with anxiety, panic attacks and OCD and growing a fashion brand with mental health at its heart.

#10 - Kate Dyson - Post Natal Depression

Kate Dyson talks about her experiences with post natal depression, PTSD and anxiety and how this led her to create the largest online group for women, The Motherload.

#9 - Gary Bloom - Sports Psychotherapy & Addiction

Sports Psychotherapist and TalkSport radio presenter Gary Bloom talks about the importance of checking in with yourself, working with addictive behaviours, why he turned to therapy to enable himself to reach success in life and what’s involved in the therapeutic process.

#8 - Kristen Stavridis - Nutrition

Nutritionist Kristen Stavridis shares how nutrition and exercise impact mental health.

#7 - Alexa Goddard - OCD and Anxiety

Singer/songwriter Alex Goddard talks about her experiences of living with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and anxiety and why she feels therapy has helped her save her life.

#6 - Elspeth Van Der Hole - BPD

Fashion photographer Elspeth Van Der Hole talks about her own experiences of receiving a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and her journey towards mental wellbeing through self-employment, creativity, therapy, medication and exercise.

#5 - Chuck Mullin - Depression

Illustrator and comic writer Chuck Mullin talks about how her experiences of anxiety and depression led her to create funny, real and poignant award-winning comics and the coping strategies she uses to manage her wellbeing day-to-day.

#4 - Amber Donoso - Anxiety

Singer-songwriter Amber Donoso talks about music are therapy, her experiences of talking therapy and the coping strategies she uses to manage anxiety alongside a career performing.

#3 - Chloe Howl - Managing Stress

Singer-songwriter Chloe Howl talks about her journey in music and how she maintains a sense of empowerment in a male-dominated industry. Chloe is a BRIT Award nominated artist whose hip-hop inspired hits include 'Millionaire' and 'Work'.

#2 - Paul Sanders - Depression

Paul Sanders, former picture editor for The Times and award-winning landscape photographer, talks about the experiences that shaped his life and career, including his own experiences with mental ill health and his journey back to recovery.

If you have been affected by any of the topics raised in this episode and would like support, you can book a session with a therapist here. If you need immediate help, do not use this website, call the Samaritans now on 08457 90 90 90.

#1 - Becky Goddard-Hill and Penny Alexander - SAD and Child Mental Health

Becky Goddard-Hill and Penny Alexander talk about everything from children's mental health to Seasonal Affective Disorder. Penny and Becky are the authors of Create Your Own Happy, an activity book that empowers children to shape their lives by taking practical, positive steps towards their own happiness and positive self esteem.

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