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by Harley Therapy
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Need a therapist near you or online counselling now? You can book a session in as soon as four hours time with one of our listed, fully-trained therapists today.

Our therapists can help you to discuss and understand any emotions you are struggling with and recommend the best course of action for you.

The Harley Therapy approach

Finding the best therapist for you is our top priority. We make sure all of our therapists reach strict quality measures:

  • 3000+ verified 5-star reviews
    • Over 9/10 clients rated their therapist five stars
  • Strict quality guidelines
    • All therapists are insured to practice and meet the professional requirements of a UK regulatory organisation
  • No subscription fees
    • Book your session online with as little as four hours notice
  • UK-based team for specialist recommendations
    • We are online daily to help you if you need counselling now

The Harley Therapy Guarantee

If you don't feel satisfied with your first session for any reason, we'll offer you a session with an alternative therapist at our expense.

When is the best time to book a therapist?

The best time to find a therapist is before you reach a crisis point. The earlier you book a therapy session, the sooner you will start to feel better and the less likely it is that your emotional distress will develop into more serious mental health issues.

Often, when your anxiety or depression levels are very high it can be difficult to think things through or find the motivation to reach out for help. If you are struggling, don't put off getting help, reach out for support today.

Get help finding the best therapist for you now

For personalised recommendations of therapists near you or online, just fill out the form below.

Please note, if you or someone else is at immediate risk of harm, do not use this service. Call emergency services now. In the UK, this number is 999. To speak to someone at any time of day, you can also call the Samaritans on 116 123.

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