Are you struggling to relate to your children? Is your family is experiencing a crisis or ongoing challenges? Family therapy (or family counselling) aims to help families to find ways to overcome their issues in a healthy way, so that family members can relate to one another better.

A counsellor or psychotherapist can help you to discuss and understand any family problems you are experiencing. They can support you on a range of topics, including, adoption, blended family, carer support.

What is family therapy?

In any family, tension can arise between family members from time to time. It might be that your family is experiencing relationship difficulties, going through a difficult time, or that one family member has an issue or mental health condition that is impacting the family as a whole.

A family therapist will help you and your partner or family members to communicate better, to find healthy ways to resolve disagreements, and to better understand each other and any issues that you are having. Family therapists can help your family to resolve conflicts, express feelings in healthy ways, find ways to support each other and, ultimately, create positive change.

What issues can family therapy help with?

Family therapy (otherwise known as family systemic therapy or family psychotherapy) can help families to manage a number of issues. Common issues that family therapists help with include:

  • parenting issues
  • child and adolescent behaviour issues
  • divorce and separation
  • adult and child mental health conditions
  • adjusting to changes in the family
  • loss and bereavement
  • financial issues
  • issues of difference
  • problems in infancy, such as sleeping issues and feeding problems
  • child abuse
  • emotional problems, such as anxiety, grief and depression
  • addictions
  • eating disorders
  • relationship issues
  • domestic violence

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What happens in family therapy?

Your therapist will need to understand the challenges that your family is facing and sources of stress or conflict in the family. Your therapist will gradually help you to understand how you might work through challenges and conflicts better and how you are communicating as a family at the moment. Family psychotherapists and counsellors aim to help you to build on your strengths in a safe, confidential environment.

All families are different and unique, so there is no one way of working that suits every family. Your family therapist should be experienced and aim not to place blame, but to engage everyone to work together to find ways of overcoming issues. To find a qualified who works with families near you, find your best match here.

While family therapy could be the right choice for you, you may also want to consider other therapies such as child psychotherapy, adolescent psychotherapy and marriage counselling. It is important to find the type of therapy that works for you.

Wondering 'how do I find a family therapist near me?' It is important to find a therapist who is appropriately qualified and has experience working with families. In your first session, you can ask questions about your therapist’s approach, their experience working with the issues that your family would like help with and how your sessions will be structured.

A qualified, professional therapist will work with you to examine your thoughts and behaviours and improve how you feel. You will build a relationship based on trust, giving you the confidence to share your feelings and emotions with them. Your counsellor will listen to all that you have to share with empathy and openness.

An experienced therapist or counsellor like those listed on the Harley Therapy platform can help you to manage your symptoms and find your own way forward.

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