Myths About Therapy

by Andrea Blundell
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Curious about therapy, but also not sure it's really for you? Seen things in films or television shows that are off-putting, for example?

What are the myths about therapy you need to recognise?

1. Therapy is expensive.

If you struggle with things like depression and anxiety, not doing therapy can be more expensive. These kinds of mental health problems can take up days (if not weeks, months, or even years) of time, as we sit around unable to function.

Therapy, on the other hand, helps you set goals and move forward. There are also all sorts of therapists available these days, for every budget.

2. It takes up way too much time.

Therapy is a commitment, no doubt about it. But so is owning a car, or going to the gym, or taking art classes. But we do these things as we like the benefits.

And therapy, given the time put in, certainly offers many benefits. So yes, it’s an investment, but one that gives back.

3. Therapy just makes you blame your parents for everything.

Therapy is about understanding how you became who you are, and then understanding other people, too.

Yes, you might process emotions like anger towards parents or others. And let yourself see how someone else’s actions ended up affecting you negatively.

But your focus then shifts to how you can move forward, not how you can spend the rest of you life blaming others.

4. You just endlessly go over your past and childhood.

Some modern forms of therapy focus on the past very little, if at all. The humanistic school of thought is more focussed on your inner resources and finding ways forward. And cognitive behavioural therapy, for example, is present focused. You work with the thoughts and behaviours you are dealing with now.

5. A therapist can see right through you.

Experienced therapists can be really good at listening to and understanding others. But they are still just people. They don’t have magical powers, or all the answers. And therapy isn’t about your therapist seeing through you, it’s about them helping you see through yourself.

6. The time to look for a therapist is when you are a mess.

It’s a perfectly good reason to seek out talk therapy.

But it’s actually better to reach out for the support of a counsellor or psychotherapist before things get messy. When you feel a bit off kilter, or have some concerns you aren’t sure who to talk to about.

Therapy is also a great tool to simply help you get on track, raise your self-esteem, and understand yourself better.

7. Therapy is the answer to any problem.

Therapy isn’t an answer, or a magic wand, it’s a tool. The person who has to use the tool is you.

If you use it badly — if you don’t fully commit, give up when it gets hard, find reasons to hate every therapist you try —then it certainly won’t lead to many answers.

Commitment to yourself and the process, on the other hand, can lead to more insight than expected.

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