I'm Already Self-Aware. Why Would Therapy Help Me?

by Dr Sheri Jacobson
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

While it’s common for people to seek counselling as a result of a crisis or to resolve an emotional issue that requires attention, therapy is in itself a journey of self-development. Its very nature promotes self awareness, and in this way it can benefit anyone receptive to it, whether they are already self aware or not. We asked Dr Sheri Jacobson whether counselling can help people who already feel self-aware?

"Self-awareness is having a deep understanding of yourself; your nature, feelings, thoughts & behaviour. I've worked with clients who have very little self-awareness and whom have wonderful experiences of self-development and realisations by talking to someone objectively about themselves.

I’ve also worked with clients who are very self aware and have engaged with therapy to further enhance their understanding of themselves.

We are not static - and there is, I believe, always something extra to learn about ourselves, and ways to improve our lives."

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