Five signs of emotional detachment

by Harley Therapy
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Emotional detachment from your partner can be tough to process, leaving you feeling lonely and confused. However, the issue is not only present in romance, it can also occur among friends and family. A typical theme in relationship breakdowns is a lack of communication.

If you feel like you are becoming emotionally detached from a partner, friend or family, then therapy can help. But first let’s look at some red flags of emotional detachment.

You don’t share your problems anymore

Are you no longer the first person your partner phones when in trouble? This is a sign you have become an outcast in your partner's inner world and may need relationship counselling to remedy the situation.

Your partner seems uninterested in what you have to say

Do you receive looks of boredom when recalling your exciting day? Is your big news falling on deaf ears? This is another sign of emotional detachment.

Sex is now something you see solely in the movies

Are your subtle taps ignored at best, inciting irritability at worst? Does it seem every time you initiate sex, you're rejected? Again, this could be a sign your relationship is in need of attention.

Your partner no longer says, “I love you.”

A common red flag of emotional detachment is if those three little words become absent from your partner's vocabulary.

Did your partner once tell you regularly he loves you, but now you’re lucky to get a hello? This is a sign you need to work on your issues together.

Your loved one won’t discuss your future

Do you feel banned from discussing future plans? Are your bright plans for the future met with ambivalence? Your partner's non-committal manner might spell trouble.

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