Can't Find the 'One'? Signs you have trouble falling in love

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by Harley Therapy   |   Psychological Issues
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Perhaps you feel that you can't fall in love. Or maybe you feel that you can't stay in love. Dr Sheri Jacobson talks here about some of the issues that might be making it hard to find lasting love:
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If you feel that you aren't able to fall in love, don’t panic. All of the issues above are ones that counsellors and psychotherapists help others to deal with all the time.
You can learn to overcome, or at least manage, the issues that block you from receiving and giving love. All forms of talking therapy help you with relating to others, as they give you a clearer idea of who you are, why you feel the way that you do and what you want from life and relationships.
The therapists are qualified and trained in working with people who have trouble with these issues. To speak to a counsellor, psychologist or psychotherapist in person near you or via Skype from anywhere to overcome and manage your issues, you can find a therapist available as soon as tomorrow here.
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