Professional Virtual Events & Webinars

by Natasha French
Reviewed by Dr Sheri Jacobson

Empower your workforce to thrive in 2021!

Seize the momentum of the coming year and take positive steps towards happiness and positive mental wellbeing at home and work.

Join our 'Wellbeing & Self-Care' Live Workshop

  • When: 15th December 2020
  • Time: 2pm
  • Commitment: 1 hr online

Who is it for?

Business owners, managers or employees' of any age, who want to protect their mental wellbeing, reduce stress and develop personally.

What will I learn?

  • What are the problems we face now (before & after COVID)
  • Learn what your triggers/hotspots are
  • How to be adaptable in an ever-changing world
  • Discover your personal 'Wellbeing Toolkit'
  • Simple practice exercises including Mindfulness & Gratitude
  • Summary of the self-care tools you have within you

This 1hr Self-Care and Emotional Workshop will teach you how to achieve a more positive and successful new year.

Get in touch now on 0800 047 4000 or fill out the form below to join us and make 2021 your most thriving and happiest yet!

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