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Vanessa Abraham
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Vanessa Abraham

Psychotherapist And Clinical Supervisor

12 Years Experience
64% of clients return
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Verified Reviews

Vanessa was friendly and pleasant, however I did not find she met me needs. I pursued therapy to deal with depression and suicidal inclinations, however from our sessions I did not feel she could...
Vanessa is very supportive and knowledgeable.
Vanessa listened really well. She didn’t interrupt and gave me time to explore thoughts
First session was exploratory, open and supportive. I gained some new insights. Very helpful, looking forward to the next one.
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Vanessa is available via Video and Phone only.

I Can Help You With

  • Trauma

    Post traumatic stress disorder and Adjustment disorder

  • Work

    Workplace bullying, Workplace performance, Workplace stress, Mediation, Leadership, and Career progress

  • Grief / loss

    Loss of a child, Unemployment / redundancy, Sudden loss, Loss of a spouse, Loss of a parent, Loss of a pet, Complicated grief, Bereavement, and Anticipatory mourning

  • Somatic

    Somatic symptom disorder, Pain disorder, Hypochondriasis, Factitious disorder, and Conversion disorder

  • Sleep concerns

    Sleep terrors, Sleepwalking, Narcolepsy, Insomnia, Hypersomnolence, Excessive sleep, and Disturbed sleep

  • Sexual difficulties

    Sexual aversion, Sexual arousal difficulties, Premature & delayed ejaculation, Orgasmic disorders, Hypoactive desire, Dyspareunia, and Erectile dysfunction

Therapy Types I Offer

  • Compassion Focused
  • Integrative
  • Transpersonal Therapy
  • Existential / Phenomenological
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Humanistic / Person Centred


  • (UKCP) UK Council for Psychotherapy
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