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Thomas Brosnan
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Thomas Brosnan

Addiction Specialist & Psychotherapist

5 Years Experience
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Verified Reviews

Thomas was excellent, I am looking forward to seeing what continued help he can provide my partner and myself.
I was highly satisfied with Thomas - the way he grasped both sides of our stories, linked the two and gave his insight was extremely helpful. I am really impressed by his knowledge in human...
Excellent session. Thought provoking and helped me connect together different aspects of my life.
Informative, intuitive and helpful. Looking forward to seeing what we can do.


Thomas is available via Video & at London, N3 3QE, St. Albans, AL1 1LA, Borehamwood, WD6 3FG, London, W8 6EF, London, W1G 9QQ, and London, W1W 6HE.

I Can Help You With

  • Addiction

    Alcohol, Caffeine, Cannabis, Cocaine, Drug, Gambling, Inhalant, Internet, Hallucinogen, Love and romance, Opioid, Other substance, Pornography, Prescription medication, Sex, Smoking, Social media, Stimulant, and Video game

  • Anger

    Aggression, Anger management, and Passive aggressive behaviour

  • Anxiety / stress

    Agoraphobia, Acute stress, Death, Financial, Generalised, Health, Panic attacks, Performance, Separation, Social anxiety disorder, Social phobia, Specific phobia, and Stress management

  • Education

    Boarding school concerns, Dyslexia, Exam pressure, Learning difficulties, and School/academic performance

  • Family


  • Grief / loss

    Anticipatory mourning, Bereavement, Complicated grief, Loss of a pet, Loss of a parent, Loss of a spouse, Sudden loss, and Unemployment / redundancy

Therapy Types I Offer

  • Sand Tray Therapy
  • Attachment / Relational
  • Cognitive Therapy (CT)
  • Anger Management
  • Acceptance and Commitment ACT
  • Systemic


  • (BACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • (AP (PREVIOUSLY SMMGP/FDAP)) Addiction Professionals
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