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Michele Lamonaca
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Michele Lamonaca


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Verified Reviews

I have been working with Michele for almost two years and during that time I have experienced transformational growth that has effected me positively in all areas in my life; Interpersonal...
I was pleasantly surprised with how at ease I was, I was very apprehensive about my first session but almost instantly Michele had made me feel really comfortable
A great help.
I was a patient of Michele for almost a year and i am very happy with him. He is a professional who helped me deal with a lot of struggles during this period. Michele is friendly , make you...
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Michele is available via Video & at Psychotherapia Centre Ltd, SE18 6TL.

Psychotherapia Centre Ltd, SE18 6TL is wheelchair accessible.

I Can Help You With

  • Trauma

    Post traumatic stress disorder and Adjustment disorder

  • Somatic

    Somatic symptom disorder, Pain disorder, Hypochondriasis, Factitious disorder, and Conversion disorder

  • Sexual difficulties

    Sexual aversion, Sexual arousal difficulties, Premature & delayed ejaculation, Orgasmic disorders, Hypoactive desire, Dyspareunia, and Erectile dysfunction

  • Relationships

    Same sex couple issues, Rejection, Premarital counselling, Peer relationships, Parenting related, Marriage problems, Intimacy, Doubt in relationships, Cross cultural, Communication difficulties, Codependency, Breakups, divorce and separation, Attachment issues, Affairs / infidelity, and Abandonment

  • Depression

    Suicidal thoughts, Self harm, Seasonal affective, Pre and post-natal depression, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Major, and Dysthymia

  • Anxiety / stress

    Stress management, Specific phobia, Social phobia, Social anxiety disorder, Separation, Performance, Panic attacks, Health, Generalised, Financial, Death, Acute stress, and Agoraphobia

Therapy Types I Offer

  • Psychodynamic
  • Cognitive Behavioural CBT

Accreditations & Registrations

  • (NCS) National Counselling Society
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