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Dr Mia Malama

Accredited Counsellor, Integrative Cognitive Behaviour Therapist & Hypnotherapist. Ph.D (Education Major).

4 Years Experience
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Verified Reviews

Mia is an amazing therapist who I would recommend to anyone. I had never been to therapy before and was very nervous, but Mia was kind and professional and really helped me to overcome the Anxiety...
Mia helped me to deal with anxiety and feelings of guilt. The sessions ran smoothly, Mia was friendly and always made me feel comfortable. With Mia i learnt about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,...
Process was quick and easy to organise. Our therapist was very nice and easy to talk to. Also she was very clear about it how things worked.
Mia is an excellent therapist, and I highly recommend her. She guided me through a particularly tough period, and has helped me develop the tools to better deal with my anxiety and depression. It...
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I Can Help You With

  • Anxiety / stress

    Agoraphobia, Acute stress, Death, Financial, Generalised, Health, Panic attacks, Performance, Separation, Social anxiety disorder, Social phobia, Specific phobia, and Stress management

  • Depression

    Dysthymia, Major, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Pre and post-natal depression, Seasonal affective, Self harm, and Suicidal thoughts

  • Eating

    Anorexia, Binge and over eating, Bulimia, Night eating, Obesity, Pica, Purging, Restrictive food intake, Rumination, and Weight management

  • Grief / loss

    Anticipatory mourning, Bereavement, Complicated grief, Loss of a pet, Loss of a parent, Loss of a spouse, Loss of a child, Sudden loss, and Unemployment / redundancy

  • Identity

    Cultural / religious identity, Discrimination, Gender identity, Identity crisis, LGBTQ, Men's issues, Racial identity, Sexual orientation, and Women's issues

  • Mood

    Bipolar disorder, Cyclothymia, Disruptive mood dysregulation, and Hypomania

Therapy Types I Offer

  • Integrative
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Holistic
  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Addiction Therapy


  • (HS) The National Hypnotherapy Society
  • (NCS) National Counselling Society
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