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Heather MacFarlane
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Heather MacFarlane

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

13 Years Experience
88% of clients return
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Verified Reviews

I have had 7 sessions so far with Heather and they have been the best decision I have ever made. I came to her with a big anxiety problem, Heather has shown great passion and honesty throughout all...
Heather has helped me massively with my therapy. She is very calm and understanding but also assertive and gives you things to think about and work on. This advice must be taken on board and acted...
I really liked my first meeting with Heather, I felt like she understood me quite quickly and I liked that she picked up on certain things I had said and explored them with me. Looking forward to...


Heather is available via Video and Phone only.

I Can Help You With

  • Anxiety / stress

    Agoraphobia, Acute stress, Death, Financial, Generalised, Health, Panic attacks, Performance, Separation, Social anxiety disorder, Social phobia, Specific phobia, and Stress management

  • Depression

    Dysthymia, Major, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Pre and post-natal depression, Seasonal affective, Self harm, and Suicidal thoughts

  • Eating

    Anorexia, Binge and over eating, Bulimia, Night eating, Obesity, Purging, Restrictive food intake, Rumination, and Weight management

  • Grief / loss

    Anticipatory mourning, Bereavement, Complicated grief, Loss of a pet, Loss of a parent, Loss of a spouse, Loss of a child, Sudden loss, and Unemployment / redundancy

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

    Body dysmorphia (BDD), Excoriation, Hoarding, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and Trichotillomania

  • Personal

    Bitterness, Boundary setting, Childhood related, Confidence, Feeling lost, Goal setting, Guilt, Jealousy, Lack of focus, Life transition, Life coaching, Manipulative behaviour, Mid life crisis, Motivation, Nervous breakdown, Personal development, Self esteem, Shyness, Spirituality, Sports performance, and Victim mentality

Therapy Types I Offer

  • Compassion Focused
  • Acceptance and Commitment ACT
  • Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural CBT
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive MBCT
  • Integrative


  • (COSCA) Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland
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