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  • Anger

    Anger / Passive aggressive behaviour, Anger / Anger management, and Anger / Aggression

  • Anxiety / stress

    Anxiety / Financial, Anxiety / Stress management, Anxiety / Specific phobia, Anxiety / Social phobia, Anxiety / Social anxiety disorder, Anxiety / Separation, Anxiety / Performance, Anxiety / Panic attacks, Anxiety / Health, Anxiety / Generalised, Anxiety / Death, Anxiety / Acute stress, and Anxiety / Agoraphobia

  • Depression

    Pre and post-natal depression, Depression / Suicidal thoughts, Depression / Self harm, Depression / Seasonal affective, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Depression / Major, and Depression / Dysthymia

  • Family

    Family / Conflict, Family / Carer support, Family / Blended families, and Family / Adoption

  • Grief / loss

    Grief / Loss of a parent, Unemployment / redundancy, Grief / Sudden loss, Grief / Loss of a child, Grief / Loss of a spouse, Grief / Loss of a pet, Grief / Complicated grief, Grief / Bereavement, and Grief / Anticipatory mourning

  • Identity

    LGBTQ, Women's issues, Identity / Sexual orientation, Identity / Racial identity, Men's issues, Identity / Identity crisis, Identity / Gender identity, Identity / Discrimination, and Cultural / religious identity

  • Personal

    Personal / Victim mentality, Personal / Sports performance, Personal / Spirituality, Personal / Shyness, Personal / Self esteem, Personal / Personal development, Personal / Nervous breakdown, Personal / Motivation, Personal / Mid life crisis, Personal / Manipulative behaviour, Personal / Life coaching, Personal / Life transition, Personal / Lack of focus, Personal / Jealousy, Personal / Guilt, Personal / Goal setting, Personal / Feeling lost, Personal / Confidence, Personal / Childhood related, Personal / Boundary setting, and Personal / Bitterness

  • Relationships

    Relationships / Same sex couple issues, Relationships / Rejection, Relationships / Premarital counselling, Relationships / Peer relationships, Relationships / Parenting related, Relationships / Marriage problems, Relationships / Intimacy, Relationships / Doubt in relationships, Relationships / Cross cultural, Relationships / Communication difficulties, Relationships / Codependency, Breakups, divorce and separation, Relationships / Attachment issues, Affairs / infidelity, and Relationships / Abandonment

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David Keighley

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41 Years Experience

David Keighley left his full time counselling practice over 30 years ago to train as an Anglican priest, as he became increasingly aware that psychological answers alone were not meeting the long-term needs of the people consulting him and many short-term psychological approaches had limited benefit. Although now retired from...

41 Years Experience

David Keighley left his full time counselling practice over 30 years ago to train as an Anglican priest, as he became increasingly aware that psychological answers alone were not meeting the long-term needs of the people consulting him and many short-term psychological approaches had limited benefit. Although now retired from parish ministry he had combined his role as a parish priest, and hospital chaplain, with work as a counsellor and trainer. The unique 'Fast Therapy' programme he has developed during his extensive career is available on the retreats now being offered. He has a great belief in his clients ability to make progress despite the fact that many have tried to deal with their issues in the past without success. Not focusing on the past is universally appreciated by clients wishing to move forward and make new starts. He now works full-time as Director / therapist at 'Therapy Retreats'.

His experience in counselling has included a number of clinical and teaching posts. As a qualified teacher he has taught in an Adolescent Crisis Unit at a psychiatric hospital as well as state and special schools. His adult teaching posts have included teaching counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy at post-graduate medical centres in Devon and Cornwall; tutor to RAF staff for ‘Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome’ counselling during Gulf War I and tutor in spirituality, counselling & personal growth at Exeter University. He has worked as a therapist at the Obesity Unit of Addenbrookes Hospital, as a NHS practice counsellor and provider of psychological services and as therapist at the Wellingborough (Northants) and Peverell (Plymouth) Centres for Psychotherapy. He has been a therapist at the Crown Heights & Camrose NHS Medical Centre's in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

He studied psychological medicine under Dr Tilleard-Cole at the Oxford Institute of Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy under Professor Paul Salkovis. In his clinical practice he has specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Couple Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. In 2015 he studied IBCT (Integrative Behavioural Couple Therapy) under Professor Andrew Christensen, UCLA and in 2016 CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy) under Professor Paul Gilbert. He is a member of a number of professional bodies and a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), a Senior Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (MNCP), registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC) in Hypnotherapy, the National Council for Hypnotherapy (MNCH), the Hampshire Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (HACP), a Counselling UK registered counsellor and a member of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, (BABCP). When working in London he sees clients at the RSM, in Wimpole Street.

As well as using contemporary, evidence-based psychological approaches, he integrates spirituality into the programmes to enhance efficacy. On the spiritual dimension he combines the theology of Christianity (he is also a Tertiary of the Franciscan Third Order) with the philosophy, psychological insights and practice of Buddhism, originally learnt on his own sabbatical study retreat at the Shinmeizan Centre for Interreligious Dialogue in Japan. He is in sympathy with the view held by some monks and priests that there is one thing better than being either a Buddhist or a Christian, and that is to be both. Buddhism must take account of Western culture and Western culture needs to understand Buddhist wisdom. David’s philosophy is that therapy should be a truly healing experience that helps people move forward with a greater self-awareness and understanding of why negative and destructive life choices are made, and how they can be removed to allow positive and permanent changes for the better. Many of his agnostic and atheist clients are delighted to find his spiritual approach is not traditionally 'religious'.

In March 2016 David launched his personal therapy programme called 'Instant Image Therapy' (IIT) at the Royal Society of Medicine.This programme unites a wide range of evidence-based techniques and approaches and includes his special 'Fast Therapy' and 'Time Therapy' concepts. This is the therapy which he has developed over nearly four decades of clinical practice and refined over the past seven years to become the unique programme he is able to offer to his clients today. The IP (Intellectual Property) of this programme is protected under the 'Therapy Retreats' Trade Mark. It is an integral part of his popular "Save Your Marriage In Three Days" retreat, responses to which may be read in the many glowing testimonials. A book about this therapy is being written. David also offers a 'Maintenance Contract' if required following a retreat, which enables him to ensure clients progress is maintained as the new habits become fully established.

All therapy sessions are held over a three or five day residential stay at a venue in Hampshire (cottage, hotel, etc.) or in London. They are intense short-term programmes designed to avoid lengthy weekly consultations for a speedy resolution to the issues to be resolved.


    • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive MBCT
    • Cognitive Behavioural CBT
    • Acceptance and Commitment ACT
    • Psychodynamic
    • Emotionally Focused EFT
    • Attachment / Relational
    • Transactional analysis
    • Compassion Focused

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