• Seeking to boost your workforce's wellbeing and productivity?
  • Need an expert to offer practical training & advice to help energise your staff?
  • Looking for highly engaging and bespoke wellbeing workshops?
  • Or a psychology speaker to talk about mental health at your company?

We deliver in-house and online workshops to forward-thinking organisations seeking to make their workforce more positive and productive.

With a focus on mental health, personal development and self-improvement, all our workshops encourage individuals to take responsibility for their growth in ways which lead them to become more positive and productive.

We also help individuals to create their own wellbeing toolkit and resources to lean on and encourage habit formation to help embed healthier ways of being.

In addition to the workshop, you also receive customised communications for HR to distribute on a planned calendar basis, and/or allow employees to access to content directly online.

Our classic workshops titles include:-

Each workshop is designed to enlighten, engage and leave staff with implementable actions to improve their wellbeing.

Perhaps you have a specific concern, or want professional, psychological support to improve the overall mental health and emotional wellbeing of your workforce? We can also offer group talks which would be more discussion-based, led by issues that your team is currently facing, including promoting wellbeing and resilience.

To speak to our team about our wellbeing workshops, or for advice on improving wellbeing in the workplace, please contact us today on 020 8108 9540.

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