Organisations like The Life Line (Suicide Prevention) recommend that organisations routinely assess mental health issues.

By providing employees with an annual wellbeing check-in, forward thinking organisations and HR departments can safeguard their workforce’s mental health and wellbeing long term, establishing their reputation as a people-first company in an ever-changing and competitive talent acquisition environment.

Easy to implement and great value, the Harley Therapy MOT (Wellbeing Assessment) & Wellness Hub offers invaluable insight into the mental health of your organisation through a confidential psychological screening for staff, and a bespoke content platform (Wellness Hub).

Why choose the Wellbeing MOT Programme?

It is a great way for employees' to confidentially ‘check in on themselves’ through a psychological wellbeing test and makes a great starting point for benchmarking a positive and proactive approach to improved mental health and emotional growth in your workplace.


  • A confidential clinically-proven online Annual Mental Wellbeing Assessment for all staff - screen for depression and anxiety with instant conclusions!
  • A comprehensive Wellness Hub with a library of engaging resources - connect and inform remote and on-site employees’ with wellbeing content personalised to their needs.
  • Supportive signposting - enhancing awareness of EAP’s, peer support or therapy services
  • Anonymised reports and insight dashboard - assess the needs of your employees’ and focus your efforts on those areas that need your attention.
  • Engagement analytics - see your wellbeing programme in action and prove ROI.

Plans start from just £18 per person, per year

What’s different about the Wellbeing MOTs compared to traditional EAP schemes?

The wellbeing MOT programmes can work in tandem with EAP schemes, signposting employees to their company resources and also offer an effective alternative.

Many employees do not uptake EAP schemes (on average 96-98%). Usually, employees only access these services at the point of crisis. Employers gain no steer on the effectiveness of the interventions offered to their staff, or the ongoing benefits.

The Annual Wellbeing MOT is a tiered solution that is flexible to meet changing needs, whether you are looking for a digital-only solution, training and advice or ongoing therapeutic support for your employees.

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Annual Wellbeing MOTs for Small Businesses

The annual Wellbeing MOT programme is the ideal solution for organisations who do not have an established an employee assistance programme at present but who are forward-thinking in their approach to employee mental health and wellbeing. Unlike digital apps, the Wellbeing MOT offers access to in-depth professional support from an organisation renowned for clinical excellence.

Annual Wellbeing MOTs for Large Businesses

The outmoded EAP schemes have been proven ineffective both in terms of finances and results, time and time again. Uptake of such schemes is on average only 2-4% of the workforce. The Wellbeing MOT is an ideal option for businesses looking to effectively improve the mental health of their workforce.

Wellbeing MOT Programme for Employers

  • Access to real-time reporting on uptake of programme
  • Anonymised insight to the issues and topics most relevant to your workforces’ needs
  • Customisable message options to suit your organisation (for signposting to existing EAP or additional mental health support)
  • Email communication templates to inform and engage employees’
  • Library of psychological resources to support employee wellbeing
  • A wellbeing strategy and policy planning session with Harley Therapy’s expert team, to ensure seamless integration with your organisation.
  • Increased staff retention, productivity and improved talent attraction.

Wellbeing MOT Programme for Employees

  • Access to a comprehensive wellness hub
  • Private mental health assessment and confidential report indicating emotional wellness levels.
  • A personalised library of self-help tools, evidence-based techniques and useful resources to enhance daily life.
  • Access to specialist therapy services on subscription or as needed basis.
  • Improved satisfaction and confidence as a result of support and newly learned strategies.

Additional specialist support

Access to specialist therapy services and wellbeing workshops from an award-winning team of clinicians via video or phone can be added to your plan.

More about Harley Therapy

Harley Therapy is listed on the FT Future 100 (2018/2019) as a business shaping its sector and making a positive impact. As London’s largest and busiest chain of private psychotherapy clinics, we are proud of our reputation for having the best minds in the field working under our banner.

Trusted by corporations like Standard Chartered, ITV, Mayor of London, AIG and Santander, we are the UK’s trusted source for online therapy and counselling.

Our hand-selected practitioners are considered to be the best therapists in the country and have trained in the UK’s most respected counselling institutions with years of experience in the NHS, private and charitable sectors in the UK and overseas.

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