2020 saw millions of people adjusting to working from home. A transition that wasn't easy. However, although many are eager to return to the office - heading back in to work is not going to be easy for everyone.

The new working from home measures is drawing to a close in the UK, with offices set to reopen on 12th June.

Creating a safe roadmap to the reopening of the offices should be a priority. And embedded into your office reopening roadmap should be a focus on mental health.

Our 'Back to Work' workshop has been tailor-made to make returning to the office a smooth and positive experience for everyone.

"Back to Work" workshops - what's included?

Every 'Back to Work' workshop is delivered by an expert psychologist and specifically focuses on providing you and your staff with coping strategies for the demands that returning to work will bring. The workshop can be delivered as a standalone workshop or as part of a wellbeing series and includes:

  • Ways of observing and identifying our anxieties, stress, and fears and how to manage these so as not to become overwhelming.
  • Self-care strategies. How to effectively switch off from work.
  • Boundary setting. Identifying, understanding, and learning the ways to effectively communicate them.
  • Mindfulness methods. The significance of being mindful and finding our own pace whilst heading back to full-time work so as to avoid burnout.

Book Your Workshop Now:

Our expert-led, one-hour-long workshop can be delivered as a standalone workshop or as part of a wellbeing series.

All information covered in the workshop will be issued to you for you and your team to have on file. We will also send over any other relevant Harley Therapy psychological content - Therapy Lab Podcasts and self-help articles all created by our in-house experts for you and your employees to aid them as they return to working life.

Workshop costs:

Workshops start from £450 for 25+ employees

We also offer pay-as-you-therapy for employees! Find out more here.

Why you should be responsible and proactively look after your employee's mental health?

  • Want to be a proactive leader in protecting your staff's mental health as they return to work after an extremely tough year?
  • Want to ensure your staff feels confident, relaxed, and well-equipped mentally for returning to working life in the office?
  • Want to be preventative not reactive when it comes to staff wellbeing?

Since the start of Covid-19 in March 2020, general mental health-related illnesses have increased, with individuals displaying increased levels of anxiety, isolation, loneliness, and depression.

Covid-19 forced many companies to work entirely remotely, this change in routine from a mental health stance has led to individuals experiencing high levels of zoom-fatigue, slow-onset burnout, difficulties in being able to switch off from work, and balancing home and work life.

Studies show that:

  • 22% of staff were working longer hours than before.
  • 17% felt isolated from their colleagues
  • 69% find working from home stressful due to increased workloads and changes to working patterns to meet resource demands.
  • 9% felt more anxious than before they worked from home.

It is now more important than ever to be a responsible employer and take preventative measures to ensure your staff's mental health does NOT worsen as they return to working in an office environment.

If individuals are already experiencing feelings of burnout, expecting them to go back to the office and to working at 100% with 5 full days of early morning starts, commutes, late nights, and balancing home responsibilities on top - it will lead to unhappy, unproductive staff which in turn will cost your business.

Perhaps it is for the reasons above, there are large volumes of evidence that reveals:

an overwhelmingly large percentage (81%) of British workers do not wish to go back to the office.
19% of participants wanted to go back to the office for a full five day work week,
55% expressed wanting to see permanent changes to work life post pandemic.

Only one in ten people feel like their mental health will recover in the next three to six months as life slowly begins to return to normal. It is therefore essential that as people begin to return to work, you as an employer continue to communicate with the employees about mental health and build a culture where workers feel supported and are comfortable.

Start looking after your most valuable asset today. Because doing something about the mental health of your staff is so much better than talking about it.

More specialist workshops for staff

You can combine our Back to Work workshop with some of our best-selling seminars to create a robust series of wellbeing-boosting events for your workforce:

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