Seeking to improve wellness at work and boost happiness and productivity? Looking for highly engaging seminars or workshops on mental health? Or a psychology speaker to talk about positive mental health in the workplace?

We can deliver a range of engaging and interactive workshops, to help you to protect mental health at work and achieve workplace wellness.

Who are our Workshops for?

Business owners, managers and staff can join our wellness workshops and wellbeing programmes to help with their wellbeing and productivity.

Every workshop is designed to enlighten, engage and leave you with implementable actions to improve your wellness at work, imbed wellbeing habits and take responsibility for your growth in ways which lead you to become more positive, productive and successfully achieve a positive work-life blend.

Each session is developed and delivered by an award-winning team of psychology experts, led by Harley Therapy Founder, Dr Sheri Jacobson.

We cover a wide range of topics and cover all aspects of corporate wellbeing, including self-care and emotional wellness, mindfulness and positive self-talk, positive thinking seminars and confidence building workshops.

What we offer

  • Workshops & Group Talks - specialist workshops for staff with themes such as Resilience Workshops, Wellbeing & Self-Care and Busting Work Stress. These can be accessed as a live video session or in-person at your organisation.
  • Mental Health First Aid - we work with the best MHFA trainers in the UK.
  • Employee Development Programme - a five-part series for positive mental health, personal development and self-improvement.
  • Webinars & Events - monthly live sessions covering a range of topics exploring all aspects of corporate wellbeing.

Content can be tailored to your organisation needs, to compliment your existing employee assistance programme (or EAP for short), or can be offered as a stand alone event helping you to promote mental health at work and better manage mental health challenges.

We deliver workshops to all types of employees', including those in public and private sector organisations (eg. teacher wellbeing and education support) and can offer additional specialist counselling to help with many mental health issues including bereavement, stress, trauma or anxiety.

Classic Workshops & Group Talk Themes

Perhaps you have a specific concern, or want a total wellness solution to improve the overall mental health treatment and emotional wellbeing of your workforce?

We can also offer group talks which are more discussion-based, led by issues that your team is currently facing.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental health first aid is becoming increasingly popular with record numbers currently undergoing training.

Our MHFA training can teach leaders in your organisation to become first responder ‘listeners’ and signpost services, enabling them to support themselves and others to recovery.

Five-Part ‘Employee Development’ Series

With a focus on mental health, wellbeing and productivity, we can deliver a series of workshops that encourage your employees' to take responsibility for their growth in ways which lead them to become more positive, productive and promote the development of new skills.

74% of employees' feel they aren’t achieving their full potential at work due to a lack of development opportunities.

Whether you want to offer a personal development programme which also benefits your business, or raise awareness about mental health at work and promote self-care, learning has many positive effects on your workforce's mental health.

Our five-part corporate wellness programme covers the most common themes in personal development:- self care, resilience building, tackling addictive behaviour, developing a growth mindset and the power of focus.

Individual workshops can be delivered as a one-off session or more effectively as a five-part series delivered to your team at a time and date that suits you.

Why Harley Therapy?

Our hand-selected practitioners are considered to be the best therapists in the country and have trained in the UK’s most respected counselling institutions with years of experience in the NHS, private and charitable sectors in the UK and overseas.

Trusted by corporations like Standard Chartered, ITV, Mayor of London, AIG and Santander, we are the UK’s trusted source for online therapy and counselling to help improve employee mental wellbeing and business productivity.

Want to find out more about our Wellbeing Workshops and courses? Contact us now via the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.


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