Protect your mental health as your office re-opens 2021

  • Heading back to your workplace for the first time since 2020?
  • Seeking ways to protect your mental health and improve morale?
  • Or, simply wanting to ensure you feel well equipped for the change?

Are you feeling ready for returning to work or does the thought fill you with slight anxiety?

If it is the latter, you are not alone and we are here to help you.

Working from home has proven positive in many ways. However, the blurring of boundaries between work and home and the pressure to be ‘always-on’ significantly contributes to feelings of stress, anxiety and burnout. 73% of people working at home have said they feel burnout, and are suffering fatigue with the constant staring at screens.

How to combat feelings of stress, burnout, and anxiety:

If you are feeling anxious about what life will be like when the world opens up, we are here to help you. Here are some of our top tips for helping combat those feelings:

1. Spend some time in nature

Nature can boost your mental health and lower stress levels in the body, especially if this activity is done consistently and in groups.

So instead of curling up alone on a sofa and moaning about your unproductive week, put on your sneakers and head on to the nearest park for a walk.

2. Build an unwinding ritual for your evenings

It might sound ‘woo woo’ but developing your own unique unwinding ritual could be the anecdote for switching off and helping elevate feelings of stress and overwhelm from work.

Instead of abruptly stopping work at 5pm, or whenever you decide to finish, try to do more mundane jobs in the last 20 minutes of your working day such as tidying your desk, cleaning the office / workspace, writing a list of everything you have achieved with your day. As with any habit, it is important to try and do this at the same time each day, as it will help train your mind into the process of relaxation.

3. Setting boundaries and saying no

After a year of shielding from social gatherings, it will be unsurprising that we will rush to say yes and see all the people we haven't seen.. attend all those drink parties and commit to any activity or invitation. BUT, in order to protect yourself both mentally and physically, it is important to say no and not burn yourself out.

More importantly, however, NO needs to be guilt-free. It is okay to have some time to yourself, it is okay to express yourself even if you feel like you are letting someone else down

4. Practice Gratitude

The best thing about gratitude is that it is free. It takes minutes to learn, and a mere few minutes a day can produce results. Even if you are in the middle of a pandemic or lockdown and feel like you have no energy or focus, spending as little as two minutes to physically note down, or recognise the things you are grateful for, is an easy and fulfilling task. You can have negative thoughts or feel low and still be grateful.

A simple example here is having a terrible day at work, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But, you remember that morning hug from your partner or that cup of tea that carried you through the afternoon.

5. Seek external help

If you finding that you are having prolonged feelings of anxiety and depression recognising that is it completely fine and normal to seek help is a big part of your journey. Here at Harley Therapy, we have over 900 qualified therapists, ready to speak to at a time of day that suits you.

6. Speak to your employer

Raising your concerns about returning to work with your employer is important.

Although we now have a promising roadmap out of lockdown, the roadmap will bring about more changes and potential workplace challenges.

Because of this, it is crucial for employees to have access to mental health support, and ensure that they feel mentally prepared and able to cope with the changes that going back and office / workplace will bring.

We have created a special 'Back To Work' workshop which is here to help you and your teammates feel mentally and physically ready for returning to the office. If you think this could be valuable at your company, but don't have the authority to make a decision. You can still get in touch with our team and we would be more than happy to assist.

If you would like to speak to someone, use the code BACKTOWORK for a 10% discount on your first therapy session. We are here to help.

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