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  • Anxiety / stress

    Stress management, Specific phobia, Social anxiety disorder, Separation, Performance, Panic attacks, Generalised, Acute stress, and Health

  • Personal

    Victim mentality, Sports performance, Spirituality, Shyness, Self esteem, Personal development, Nervous breakdown, Motivation, Mid life crisis, Manipulative behaviour, Life coaching, Life transition, Lack of focus, Jealousy, Guilt, Goal setting, Feeling lost, Confidence, Childhood related, Boundary setting, and Bitterness

  • Anger

    Passive aggressive behaviour and Aggression

  • Grief / loss

    Unemployment / redundancy, Sudden loss, Loss of a child, Loss of a spouse, Loss of a parent, Loss of a pet, Complicated grief, Bereavement, and Anticipatory mourning

  • Depression

    Seasonal affective

  • Sleep concerns

    Insomnia and Disturbed sleep

  • Relationships

    Intimacy, Doubt in relationships, Cross cultural, Communication difficulties, Codependency, Breakups, divorce and separation, Attachment issues, Affairs / infidelity, Abandonment, Same sex couple issues, Rejection, Premarital counselling, Peer relationships, Parenting related, and Marriage problems

  • Identity

    Sexual orientation, Identity crisis, and Cultural / religious identity

  • Work

    Workplace performance, Workplace stress, Workplace bullying, Mediation, Leadership, and Career progress

  • Family

    Conflict and Blended families

  • Health related issues (physical)

    Pregnancy and birth and Fertility / infertility

  • Education

    School/academic performance and Exam pressure

  • Addiction

    Social media, Smoking, Love and romance, and Caffeine

  • Eating

    Weight management and Obesity

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Katie Mahey

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Talking Therapist, Anxiety & Confidence Specialist
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4 Years Experience

Therapy is an opportunity for you to be heard and really listened to! Some people are going through a time of low mood or life issues when they search for help, and others just feel they need to work through their feelings and emotions. Mental and physical health are hand in hand, and you may be noticing the feelings in your...

4 Years Experience


  • (NCP) National Council of Psychotherapists
    • Person-centred Therapy
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Suggestion Hypnotherapy
    • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
    • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Hypnotherapy
    • Hypnoanalysis
    • Hypno-Psychotherapy
    • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
    • Coaching

Available via Video and Phone only

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