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  • Abuse

    Abuse / Emotional, Abuse / Physical, and Abuse / Sexual

  • Anger

    Anger / Aggression, Anger / Anger management, and Anger / Passive aggressive behaviour

  • Anxiety / stress

    Anxiety / Agoraphobia, Anxiety / Acute stress, Anxiety / Death, Anxiety / Financial, Anxiety / Generalised, Anxiety / Health, Anxiety / Panic attacks, Anxiety / Performance, Anxiety / Separation, Anxiety / Social anxiety disorder, Anxiety / Social phobia, Anxiety / Specific phobia, and Anxiety / Stress management

  • Conduct disorders

    Conduct disorders / Antisocial personality disorder, Conduct disorders / Intermittent explosive disorder, Conduct disorders / Kleptomania, Conduct disorders / Opposition defiance, and Conduct disorders / Pyromania

  • Depression

    Depression / Dysthymia, Depression / Major, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Pre and post-natal depression, Depression / Seasonal affective, Depression / Self harm, and Depression / Suicidal thoughts

  • Developmental disorders

    Developmental disorders / Adhd, Developmental disorders / Autistic, and Developmental disorders / Learning disorder

  • Dissociative disorders

    Dissociative disorders / Depersonalisation and Dissociative disorders / Dissociative identity disorder

  • Eating

    Eating / Anorexia, Eating / Binge and over eating, Eating / Bulimia, Eating / Night eating, Eating / Obesity, Eating / Pica, Eating / Purging, Eating / Restrictive food intake, Eating / Rumination, and Eating / Weight management

  • Education

    Education / Boarding school concerns, Education / Dyslexia, Education / Exam pressure, Education / Learning difficulties, and School/academic performance

  • Family

    Family / Adoption, Family / Blended families, Family / Carer support, and Family / Conflict

  • Grief / loss

    Grief / Anticipatory mourning, Grief / Bereavement, Grief / Complicated grief, Grief / Loss of a pet, Grief / Loss of a parent, Grief / Loss of a spouse, Grief / Loss of a child, Grief / Sudden loss, and Unemployment / redundancy

  • Health related issues (physical)

    Health / Abortion, Health / Alzheimers, Health / Brain injury, Health / Cancer, Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, Health / Chronic illness, Health / Dementia, Health / Disability, Health / Dyspraxia, HIV / Aids, Fertility / infertility, Health / Miscarriage, Health / Pain management, Health / Pregnancy and birth, Health / Psychosomatic, Health / Restless leg syndrome, Health / Stillbirth, Health / Terminal illness, Health / Tourettes, and Health / Vaginismus

  • Identity

    Cultural / religious identity, Identity / Discrimination, Identity / Gender identity, Identity / Identity crisis, LGBTQ, Men's issues, Identity / Racial identity, Identity / Sexual orientation, and Women's issues

  • Mood

    Mood / Bipolar disorder, Mood / Cyclothymia, Mood / Disruptive mood dysregulation, and Mood / Hypomania

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

    Body dysmorphia (BDD), Ocd / Excoriation, Ocd / Hoarding, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and Ocd / Trichotillomania

  • Personal

    Personal / Bitterness, Personal / Boundary setting, Personal / Childhood related, Personal / Confidence, Personal / Feeling lost, Personal / Goal setting, Personal / Guilt, Personal / Jealousy, Personal / Lack of focus, Personal / Life transition, Personal / Life coaching, Personal / Manipulative behaviour, Personal / Mid life crisis, Personal / Motivation, Personal / Nervous breakdown, Personal / Personal development, Personal / Self esteem, Personal / Shyness, Personal / Spirituality, Personal / Sports performance, and Personal / Victim mentality

  • Personality disorders

    Personality disorders / Avoidant, Personality disorders / Borderline, Personality disorders / Dependent, Personality disorders / Histrionic, Personality disorders / Narcissistic, Personality disorders / Paranoid, Personality disorders / Schizoid, and Alexithymia

  • Relationships

    Relationships / Abandonment, Affairs / infidelity, Relationships / Attachment issues, Breakups, divorce and separation, Relationships / Codependency, Relationships / Communication difficulties, Relationships / Cross cultural, Relationships / Doubt in relationships, Relationships / Intimacy, Relationships / Marriage problems, Relationships / Parenting related, Relationships / Peer relationships, Relationships / Premarital counselling, Relationships / Rejection, and Relationships / Same sex couple issues

  • Sexual difficulties

    Sexual difficulties / Erectile dysfunction, Sexual difficulties / Dyspareunia, Sexual difficulties / Hypoactive desire, Sexual difficulties / Orgasmic disorders, Premature & delayed ejaculation, Sexual difficulties / Sexual arousal difficulties, and Sexual difficulties / Sexual aversion

  • Sleep concerns

    Sleep concerns / Disturbed sleep, Sleep concerns / Excessive sleep, Sleep concerns / Hypersomnolence, Sleep concerns / Insomnia, Sleep concerns / Narcolepsy, Sleep concerns / Sleepwalking, and Sleep concerns / Sleep terrors

  • Somatic

    Somatic / Conversion disorder, Somatic / Factitious disorder, Somatic / Hypochondriasis, Somatic / Pain disorder, and Somatic / Somatic symptom disorder

  • Trauma

    Trauma / Adjustment disorder and Trauma / Post traumatic stress disorder

  • Work

    Work / Career progress, Work / Leadership, Work / Mediation, Work / Workplace bullying, Work / Workplace stress, and Work / Workplace performance

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Kamarun Kalam

Bacp Accred. Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Qualified Family Mediator & Hcpc Registered Sw
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5 Years Experience

Hello and a very warm welcome. I offer therapy for hearts and minds in an integrative holistic way in collaboration with you to find your truth. I tailor my support and the techniques I use to suit your unique needs and am trained in a variety of methods therapeutically including: Person Centred Counselling, Cognitive...

5 Years Experience

Hello and a very warm welcome. I offer therapy for hearts and minds in an integrative holistic way in collaboration with you to find your truth. I tailor my support and the techniques I use to suit your unique needs and am trained in a variety of methods therapeutically including:

Person Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Sandtray therapy, Eye movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) Brief Solution Focussed Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Counselling and Life Coaching,


I have over 20 years experience working with children, families, couples and individuals in need across my Counselling, Family Mediation and Social Work career so far. In order to find balance we need to tune back into our hearts and minds and start working with ourselves not against.

I am aware of cultural and faith sensitivities and work in an open way taking into account the whole of a persons life, families, relationships, lifestyle and work stresses.
I have worked with organisations such as MIND, Cafcass, Salvation Army, and Local Authorities across the country supporting people young and old, from various different backgrounds therapeutically. I have also worked with Employee Assistance Programs for professionals regarding work related stress and relationship issues.


My ultimate aim is to support you to feel more fulfilled in life. I want you to be able to speak your truth and feel heard, understood and seen. If you are unsure of whether you need support have a think about the following questions:

Do you feel low in mood, energy and self esteem?
Have you struggled with anxiety, depression or panic attacks?
Feeling overwhelmed or stressed in your personal or professional life?
Struggling to connect with yourself and others?
Do you feel unseen, unimportant or devalued by loved ones or work colleagues?
Have you ever felt like you are not being heard?
Do you want to feel accepted for who you really are, to belong and feel loved?

If you can relate to any of these questions then therapy can help. Seeking support via counselling can feel difficult, not knowing what to expect and feeling uncertain about how things will pan out. I will do my best to help you feel relaxed and understood. You are welcome to ask me questions to help understand the process better and you will be my main priority.

Next Steps...

I know that taking the first steps can be very scary and how difficult it can be to talk about painful emotional issues affecting your life to a stranger, especially in the first few sessions of getting to know each other.
Often I get asked the question ‘Where do I start?’ The simple answer is ‘where ever you want to start’ -the session belongs to you and together we will find your truth.


  • (HCPC) Health and Care Professions Council
  • (BACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
    • Emotional Freedom Technique EFT
    • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered)
    • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
    • Sand Tray Therapy
    • Play Therapy
    • Person-centred Therapy
    • Integrative
    • Integral Therapy
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Holistic
    • Gottman Method
    • Family Systems
    • Collaborative Couple Therapy
    • Behavioural Therapy
    • Art therapy/Art psychotherapy
    • Anger Management
    • Time Line Therapy
    • Suggestion Hypnotherapy
    • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
    • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Hypnotherapy
    • Solution Focused Brief SFBT
    • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive MBCT
    • EMDR
    • Cognitive Behavioural CBT
    • Coaching
    • Acceptance and Commitment ACT
    • Psychodynamic
    • Psychoanalytic
    • Interpersonal
    • Emotionally Focused Therapy EFT
    • Attachment / Relational
    • Humanistic / Person Centred
    • Gestalt Therapy
    • Existential / Phenomenological
    • Compassion Focused

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