Crying All The Time?

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Are you crying all the time? Well you are not alone. Studies have shown people cry on average around three times per month. However, crying all the time could be a sign you need therapy to help with depression or other mood disorders. Anxiety could also be at the root of your tears.
Studies also show women cry more than men, on average. This could be due to testosterone’s ability to inhibit crying. Then there is also the masculinity issue – where men feel less comfortable crying due to cultural and societal norms. But gender differences aside, empathetic people may shed more tears than less empathetic individuals. Also, people who are insecure, anxious or display obsessive traits, may cry more frequently than others.
Read on as we discover seven times tears were immortalised in song.
No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley
Released in 1975, No Woman No Cry is a reggae ballad persuading a woman not to cry as things will get better. Positivity at its finest. The song has been covered by everyone from The Fugees to Pearl Jam.
Crying In The Rain – The Everly Brothers
“I’ll do my crying in the rain" lament The Everly’s on this heart breaking ode to shedding a tear. Co-written in 1961 by Carole King and Howard Greenfield, the track reached number six the U.S. charts.
Pretty When You Cry – Lana Del Rey
Recorded in one take with Blake Stranathan on guitar, Pretty When You Cry is a dark love song featuring on Del Rey’s 2014 album Ultraviolence
I'll Cry Instead – The Beatles
According to John Lennon’s ex-wife Cynthia. "I'll Cry Instead" demonstartes a cry for help from John. Cynthia noted the track reflects John’s frustration at being an idol of millions but with the fun times behind him. The song has been covered by singers Joe Cocker and Billy Joel.
Don't Cry – Guns N’ Roses
This power ballad forms part of a narrative inspired Del James’ short story "Without You". According to Axl Rose, the song is about he and guitarist Izzy Stradlin falling for the same girl.
Boys Don’t Cry – The Cure
Described by The Cure’s Robert Smith as ‘naïve to the point of insanity’ Boys Don’t Cry was released in 1979, exploring crying in relation to masculinity.
Baby Don't Cry – INXS
The second single from INX’S 1992 album Welcome to Wherever You Are writer Andrew Farriss noted it was about missing his daughter Grace whilst on tour.
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